Trinity House lightvessel no. 8
- active lightvessel from 1949 util 1991 -


Length o.a 137.25 feet (approx. 41.83 m)
Length 119 feet (approx. 36.27 m)
Beam 25 feet (approx. 7.62 m)
Draft 15 feet (approx. 4.57 m)
Authority Trinity House, London
Year of construction 1949
Builder Philip & Son, Dartmouth, Devon, England
Yard no 1171
Contract price 61,062 �
Material Steel
Lightning apparatus Multi-Catoptric electrical 34.5 bhp Gardener H.S. Diesels, Fixed lantern, Fitted R/T
Fog signal Gardener Diesels driving Reavell QR Compressors 2 x 38 HP, G Diaphone

Jaarr Gebeurtenis
November 1946 ordered by Trinity House, London
October 15th, 1948 launched
1949-1953 Kentish Knock station
March 25th, 1955 in collision with Panamanian steamer A.L. KENT
1956-1959 Sunk station
1959-1962 Dudgeon station
1962-1965 Outer Gabbard station
1965-1975 Tongue station
May 16th, 1991 sold to F.L.M. Verbeek in Rotterdam (Netherlands)
1991-2001 As floating discotheque named "Barocca" in the Wijnhaven in Rotterdam. After a tragic accident in a discotheque in Volendam, the Dutch fire protection rules were intensified and the gastronomy business had to be closed on board of the lightship. Since the owner was involved into a legal proceeding, the ship suddenly vanished from Rotterdam.
August 11th, 2001 Her new berth is in the old harbor of Moerdijk (Netherlands). The name "Barocca" is painted over. However a small sign at the entrance from old times points it out that the ship is video-watched.
February 5th, 2004 After being in Moerdijk for nearly 3 years the lightship was towed to Rotterdam today. It had been sold by notary J.B. Nieuwland in Rotterdam to "LV Number eight BV", owner Mr. Rutteman from Rotterdam, who berthed the lightship in the Waalhaven.
June 26th, 2005 After a search of many months through the UK and Ireland, Radio Waddenzee bought the lightship and towed it from Rotterdam to Harlingen (Netherlands) today, where it arrived at 2:15 p.m. They have already started improving the vessel and will continue to do so until it suits their purposes completely. On board a studio and an office will become part of the ship. Later this year the ship will be equipped with an antenna system and a transmitter that will be used to broadcast the radio program. The ship will mainly be the home of Radio Waddenzee and Radio Seagull but it will also be used by the Maritime Academy and the Sea Cadets. The ship will also be equipped to host expositions, training sessions, meetings, presentations and groups. During the spring and summer season the ship will be anchored at sea, just outside the Harlingen harbour. When the bad weather season starts it will be moored inside the safety of the piers. Radio Waddenzee is already boardcasting on 1602 kHz
July 7th, 2005 The lightship is now for overhaul in a wharf in the industrial harbour of Harlingen.
July 22nd, 2006 After more than one year of hard work, today the lightship was towed to its new berth at the Zuiderpier in Harlingen (Netherlands). It looks nearly original again, is painted in a bright red color and also the light is shining again - very fine work! The new name of the lightship will be JENNI BAYNTON.
February 8th, 2007 For the winter time the lightship was towed to a more sheltered place in the harbour of Harlingen and can now be found close to the harbour crane until March.
March 12th, 2007 After a long and thorough preparation the radio mast was erected on the LV today.
July 6th, 2007
This is the new studio on the lightship! The photo shows DJ Chris Kennedy of Radio Seagull, who is on air from 9 to 12 pm every evening.
March 7th, 2008 Radio Waddenzee was broadcasting from their radio lightship Jenni Baynton at sea for 3 days from May 1st to 3rd 2008. For this reason the lightship had left its berth in Harlingen harbour (Netherlands) from Tuesday 29th April until Sunday 4th May and was anchored approximately 8 miles offshore in the Waddensea between Harlingen and Terschelling.
March 19th, 2009 Special offer for 2009: Interested people can visit the lightship while Radio Waddenzee will be boardcasting from their radio lightship Jenni Baynton at sea for 2 days from May 23rd to 24th in 2009 again. For this reason the lightship will be anchored near Gried and visitors will be taken out to the Jenni Baynton by a tender. You´ll than have the opportunity to visit the lightship for some hours and will be brought back to Harlingen afterwards. The price for this tour is 35 euros per person.